At Storycake, we believe in inspiring a young generation with loveable characters and imaginary worlds that are treasured by the whole family.

As part of a new movement in entertainment, grown out of today’s early learning expertise in the digital age, we aim to spark curiosity, create dynamic play and make learning a piece of cake.

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Our Philosophy:

We believe by creating with our experts who specialise in early childhood development and in combination with our dynamic creative team, we can effectively engage children in the world of storytelling.

In these imaginative worlds, children can find delight and wonder while fearlessly exploring, creating and playing.

By our methodologies of positive feedback loops and understanding children’s learning and play, we aim to empower every child to discover and grow into their full potential.
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Our team has an incredible mix of experience and expertise to create innovative, funny brands.

We have feature and television post production experience with studios such as Disney, MGM, Miramax, 20th Century Fox, and channels such as BBC and Cartoon Network.

Our designers and illustrators have worked for the likes of Ladybird and Penguin Books and major advertising agencies and our writers are world-class television and script professionals.